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Name of severities can not be modified #157

mvdiemen opened this Issue Jul 1, 2012 · 11 comments

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mvdiemen commented Jul 1, 2012

The name of the severity must not be modified anymore.

@Newanz @Jost4 @ErikBlanken @bobduncan @rvgate should this also be for the color of a severity?

@Newanz the attributes userDefinedName and systemDefinedName wil be removed from the ViolationDTO and will be replaced by a severityName attribute if this change is completed. The userDefinedName and systemDefinedName will not be removed until you have made the changes that are necessary for this change

rvgate commented Jul 1, 2012

If they never change, i dont see any added value in being able to change a color. Maybe others think different.

JostCrow commented Jul 1, 2012

the color should not be editable. because the severities themself are not editable


@mrtentje At this point I don't think those variables are being used. The change is small enough to be applied in a few minutes so I don't see a problem. It's a good reason for me to pick up #119 right after.
But if names and colors aren't editable.. You're taking out quite the feature.

mvdiemen commented Jul 2, 2012

@rvgate @Jost4 @Newanz When the names are not editable a lot of checking logic can be removed in the validate component. For the color this doesn't have any consequences. Another consequence is that the view for editing severity names and color can be removed

JostCrow commented Jul 3, 2012

removed the screen of the custom severity in the configuration.


Eclipse and notepad++ tell me the userDefinedName and systemDefinedName fields in the ViolationDTO aren't used in the project anywhere (except where they are created). From what I understand a new severityName field will be created to replace those two? When can we expect that to be ready? I don't want to put time in updating the violations property pane (#119) in the graphics service using those two current fields if it's going to change soon.

Updates on this? @mrtentje @Jost4

mvdiemen commented Jul 6, 2012

@Newanz as described in my first post of this issue the ViolationDTO will be changed. This is already done in the severity-changes branch. This will be checked tomorrow and merged with develop. But only if you can apply the changes before the EuroPlop milestone, is the realisable for the graphics component?


So in commit ec4295dec8d9b570e83c80a4623ab490b815b3d0 I changed the properties panel from issue #119 to something more up-to-date and the same to the validate service. However, I came across a problem. The RuleTypeDTO and ViolationTypeDTO have values such as: IsNotAllowedToUseDescription, AccessPropertyOrFieldDescription, IsNotAllowedToUseDescription, etc. The "Description" strings aren't keys I can request from the locale service, so what are they used for? And how can I show the actual values of these columns ("Rule" and "DependencyKind")?

(Also I merged develop into this feature branch and had a couple conflicts. I resolved it the best I could (58dd1383b1054d2b6ad73193eb3582e0126ab578), but I can't say it contains the best versions. I wouldn't recommend using that as a good merge with develop (I'll leave that up to you). Just be warned you're going to get conflicts when you merge that branch with develop.)

@mvdiemen mvdiemen was assigned Jul 7, 2012

I think these colors should be configurable. Because it is already implemented, what is the bad thing about given users more options? The only thing that should be disabled is editing, adding and removing severities. As far as i know, this was already implemented by @mrtentje .

rvgate commented Jul 7, 2012

@ErikBlanken @mrtentje @Newanz

Reading previous comments, can we agree on the following?

  • Severities can not be added, removed or edited by the user.
  • Only the color of the available severities can be changed.
mvdiemen commented Jul 7, 2012

All the points mentoined by @rvgate are applied in commit HUSACCT@7dca3a1

@mvdiemen mvdiemen closed this Jul 7, 2012
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