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HVML Community

The collaborative community for HVML, the world-first programmable markup language

Welcome to the HVML Community

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During the development of HybridOS, Vincent Wei proposed and designed a new-style and easy-to-learn programming language called HVML. HVML is the acronym for Hybrid Virtual Markup Language.

The original design goal of HVML is to allow developers who are familiar with C/C++, Python, or other programming languages to easily develop GUI applications by using Web front-end technologies (such as HTML/SVG, DOM and CSS), instead of using JavaScript programming language in a web browser or Node.js.

We have achieved this design goal and also designed HVML as a general-purpose programming language. Now, we can not only use HVML as a programming language to rapidly develop GUI applications based on Web front-end technologies in the C/C++ runtime environment, but also use HVML as a general-purpose programming language to write scripting tools, and even the gateway of a Web server.

Vincent Wei and his team has released the specification documents that define the programming language, an open source HVML interpreter called PurC, and an HVML renderer xGUI Pro based on WebKit.

Although we have basically achieved the initial goal, there is still a lot of work to do. It will be a long-term project, and it could not be achieved with only a few people or companies. The initiators and the designer of HVML, Vincent Wei, decided to unite others to jointly develop HVML in an open source collaboration.

Hence the HVML community is here.

Members and Sponsors

The members make up the Administrative Leadership structure for the HVML Project. They contribute time, money, and effort in order to consistently make the HVML technically progressive and financially stable.

Anyone or organization can participate in the HVML project in different ways:

  • Become a member and take part in the development.
  • Sponsor this project.
  • Contribute your knowledge, time, and effort.

Write to us and join HVML Community now!

Developers and Contributors

  • Developers:
    • Vincent Wei: The architect; one of the maintainers of PurC and xGUI Pro.
    • XUE Shuming: One of maintainers of PurC and PurC Fetcher.
    • LIU Xin: The developer and maintainer of extenal DVObj FS and FILE of PurC.
    • XU Xiaohong: He was involved in the development of PurC prior to v0.8.0.
    • GENG Yue: He was involved in the development of PurC prior to v0.2.0.
  • Contributors:
    • Gavin Guo: The visual designer of HVML logo.
    • DAI Zhenan (戴哲楠): The visual designer of HVML logo.
    • TIAN Siyuan (田思源): The original designer of HVML logo.
  • Complete developers and contributors list.


To quickly learn how to program with HVML, please refer to the tutorial:

For an detailed introduction to HVML, please refer to the article (10% complete):

For the language specification of HVML, please refer to the specification doucment:

For the predefined variables of HVML, please refer to the specification document:

Here are links to the open source repositories:

  • PurC: the Prime hVml inteRpreter for C language.
  • xGUI Pro: an advanced HVML renderer based on WebKit.
  • PurC Midnight Commander: an HVML renderer in text-mode for developing and debugging.


  1. PurC Public

    The prime HVML interpreter for C Language.

    C 1.1k 52

  2. HVML-Docs Public

    Specification drafts, articles, and samples about HVML

    CSS 110 13

  3. xGUI-Pro Public

    xGUI (the X Graphics User Interface) Pro is a modern, cross-platform, and advanced HVML renderer which is based on tailored WebKit.

    C 45 7



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