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A tool for prototyping markup against the Bioschemas profiles.
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This web application supports users in the creation of Bioschemas compliant markup required for inclusion on their web resource. Bioschemas provides profiles for mark-up in order to structure and expose life-sciences metadata on the web. Each profile brings a list of allowed attributes with their constraints and properties. Some attributes are required, some are composite, some allow multiple values, some are under controlled vocabularies, and some can even be all of that.

The Bioschemas Generator is a web application that assists users in the creation of their metadata structure, through dynamically generated forms, allowing easier development of Bioschemas compliant markup for web resources.

Install / Update instructions

First you should update the profiles. To do this follow these instructions:

To install the web app, (you must update profiles first), follow these instructions:


A project by SWeL funded through Elixir-Excelerate.

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