Append datasets (external list) filter

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Append datasets (external list) filter form.

The Append datasets (external list) filter on the Recipe page lets you combine multiple datasets of the (roughly) same type to make a longer dataset. It works like the Append datasets filter, except that you supply the datasets to append in an external list.

Your external list is a HXL dataset with a list of URLs provided in the column tagged #x_source (you are free to include other columns, such as #description, but the filter will simply ignore them).


Exclude columns not in the current dataset: if checked, any columns in the appended datasets that are not in the master will be ignored. If not checked, the columns will be added to the right side of the dataset (and left blank for datasets without them).

URL of the external list: enter the URL of HXL dataset containing the list of URLs to append. There are choosers here for HDX, Google Drive, and Dropbox, just as there are on the Source page.

Append only rows matching this query: a row query to filter the rows that will be appended from the other datasets (e.g. "#sector=WASH").

Typical use case

See Append datasets filter for use cases.


See Append datasets filter for examples.

The external list itself might look like this:

#description #x_source
Survey A
Survey B
Survey C
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