JSON taggers

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(For coders)

A JSON tagger is a JSON specification for adding HXL hashtags to an untagged dataset.

Currently, you can use a JSON tagger for the tagger property of a JSON data source. Soon, you will also be able to provide it directly to the HXL Proxy via a &tagger HTTP parameter.


The JSON tagger is an object (dictionary) with the following properties:

Property Required Description Example
specs yes A JSON object (dictionary) with header text as keys and HXL tagspecs as values ("#" is optional in the tagspecs). The keys match substrings unless the match_all property is specified, and always ignore character case, whitespace, and punctuation. {"Cluster": "#sector", "Province", "#adm1+name"}
default_tag no A HXL tagspec to apply to any columns that don't match one of the specs. affected+label
match_all no If the value is truthy, the keys in the specs property must match the entire header text rather than just a substring. 1


    "default_tag": "affected+label",
    "match_all": 1,
    "specs": {
        "country": "#country+name",
        "country code": "#country+code"
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