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HXL Proxy data source page

The Source page is the normal starting page when working with the HXL Proxy's interactive interface. The HXL Proxy can read from any publicly-accessible online data source. It understands several File formats.

The HXL Proxy home page allows you to enter a URL directly (e.g. for CSV data from an API), or to choose from HDX, Google Drive, or Dropbox using an interactive browser.

If you select a dataset that does not yet contain HXL hashtags, the HXL Proxy will redirect you to the Tagger page; otherwise, it will take you directly to the Recipe page.

See Special URL handling for information about special support for URLs from HDX, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Live demo


  • Tab # — the tab number (1 or higher). Applies only if the source is an Excel workbook.
  • Verify SSL certs — if unchecked, skip verification of SSL certificates. This is useful for working with data on servers with self-signed certificates. Checked by default.

For coders

Advanced software developers may choose to use the API instead of defining transformations via forms.

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