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HXL Proxy View page

The HXL Proxy's View page shows the first 5,000 lines of transformed data, along with download links for machine-readable data in CSV (spreadsheet) and two JSON flavours. (See Downloading for more information on the machine-readable formats.)

This page is the final step of the normal HXL Proxy interactive workflow, after the Recipe page.

Live demo

Next steps

This page is a permalink, and the contents will update whenever the data source itself updates. Bookmark this link, and come back to it whenever you want to make changes.

You can copy the CSV or JSON link to get a permanent link to the output data that you can share elsewhere (as a resource on HDX, input for an online D3 visualisation, etc.).

You can go on to visualise or validate the data.

You can use the tabs to go back and edit the source, recipe, and (if needed) tagging.

You can save the recipe as a short link, adding a custom title and description.

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