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Brainfuck interpreter Coding Dojo


  • I'm happy ! S.
  • clear input&outputs, so easy to write tests, simple semantic
  • interesting refactorings => like introduction of loops
  • for the next time, we will break the program in a sequence of commands (common pattern for every time we need to process a string)
  • we learn that most of the time we need to be incremental (in terms of the lenght of the input) but sometimes we need to add more complex tests in order to have failing tests (and modify the code).
  • 2 different processes : the usual workflow of TDD (having failing tests before they became green) & incremental process of adding more and more complexity in the input


  • at the beginning, we need to be closer to the semantic of the program (we don't need to introduce the lenght of the program)
  • we need to be more incremental in the choice of tests.
  • I have no Cs and Bs Tuhuge.