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Commits on May 4, 2015
  1. @xavierdecoster

    update copyright info

    xavierdecoster authored
Commits on Jan 7, 2015
  1. @feiling
  2. @danliu @feiling

    fix a bug in fall back to cache when there is a source that's a local…

    danliu authored feiling committed
    … index.json file.
  3. @feiling

    Create class DependencyResolutionRepository which is used to resolve …

    feiling authored
    Other changes:
    - Remove dialog* projects
    - Remove FallbackRepository
Commits on Jan 6, 2015
  1. @danliu @feiling

    Bug fixes in powershell cmdlets.

    danliu authored feiling committed
  2. @bhuvak @feiling

    Added providers for VisualStudio metadata and search

    bhuvak authored feiling committed
    - Metadata and search resources for VisualStudio UI and powershell
Commits on Dec 31, 2014
  1. @feiling
Commits on Dec 30, 2014
  1. @feiling

    Fixing UI problems:

    feiling authored
    - Fix casing in labels;
    - Shrink the height of comboboxes to 22.
    - No need to display "No more items".
    - Add progress bar to progress window.
    - Remove busy control.
    - Active output window when installing/uninstalling packages.
    - Add logger to ActionResolver.
    - Make labels not bold.
Commits on Dec 29, 2014
  1. @bhuvak

    Updated Client.V3 references in vsExtensions and made sure Search,Dow…

    bhuvak authored
    …nload and metadata works for v2 and v3
  2. @bhuvak
  3. @bhuvak
Commits on Dec 25, 2014
  1. @bhuvak
Commits on Dec 23, 2014
  1. @feiling

    UI fixes based on user feedbacks.

    feiling authored
    - Scroll the detail pane to back to top after every infinite scroll list selection change.
    - Add tooltips for Id and Summary.
    - Fix URL style in new UI.
    - Fix tab stops so that the dependencies list don't get tab stop.
    - Add keybinding Ctrl+E to set focus on the search box.
    - Fix UI invokation from Quick Launch. Also fixed PackageManagerControl clean up.
    - Fix versions combobox so that it uses the same style as other comboboxes.
  2. @deepakaravindr

    Merge branch 'daravind/NuGet.Client.CommandLine'

    deepakaravindr authored
Commits on Dec 22, 2014
  1. @deepakaravindr

    After the rebase to master, made minimum changes needed to

    deepakaravindr authored
    NuGet.Client.CommandLine to get it to build
  2. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Fix unit test

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  3. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    fix fxcop

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  4. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Add back the feature of displaying readme.txt file.

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  5. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Replace our own search control with the one shipped in VS.

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
    Additional fix: PackageDetailControlModel now refreshes InstalledVersion.
  6. @bhuvak @deepakaravindr

    Created NuGet.Client.BaseTypes project to have the types common to V2…

    bhuvak authored deepakaravindr committed
    … and V3.
    Also added NuGet.Client.V2 project which has V2 specific repository and resources.
  7. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Fix package sources processing

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
    This changelist contains the following fixes/changes:
    - The most important one is that priorities are taken into account when processing
      <disabledPackageSources> & <packageSources>. E.g. source "a" is added in config file
      c:\a\b\nuget.config, and "a" is also listed in <disabledPackageSources> in file
      c:\nuget.config. Since file c:\a\b\nuget.config has higher priority than c:\nuget.config, source
      "a" should be enabled. Without the fix, it's disabled.
    - Added property IsPersistable to handle sources that are added automatically but should not be
      persisted. E.g. VSExpressForWindows8Feed, v3 preview feed.
    - Fixed MockFileSystem to behave more like PhysicalFileSystem so that nuget code does not need to
      work around its limitations.
    - Fixed many unit tests to use less mocking.
  8. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Add edition "Community" to vsix manifest.

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  9. @danliu @deepakaravindr

    Implementing Powershell cmdlets

    danliu authored deepakaravindr committed
    - Fix up Update-Pacakge command
    - Fixed versioning bug in Update-Package command
    - Add -safe switch to update-package
    - Add install-package2
    - Add FindPackageCommand and AddBindingRedirectCommand
  10. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    fix build.proj

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  11. @feiling @deepakaravindr
  12. @emgarten @deepakaravindr
  13. @OsirisTerje @deepakaravindr
  14. @OsirisTerje @deepakaravindr
  15. @feiling @deepakaravindr
  16. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    If the added reference has a different path from the one specified,

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
    then nuget needs to set Private (i.e. CopyLocal) thru MsBuildProject.
  17. @feiling @deepakaravindr
  18. @anurse @deepakaravindr

    Fixing #4344 by flipping CopyLocal to false and back to true (try jig…

    anurse authored deepakaravindr committed
    …gling it!)
  19. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    rename new powershell cmdlets

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  20. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Update NuGet.Data package reference

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
  21. @feiling @deepakaravindr

    Fix FxCop errors.

    feiling authored deepakaravindr committed
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