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SeeGit - The Git Repository Visualizer
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SeeGit - The Git Repository Visualizer

This is a little experiment in creating a realtime git repository visualizer.


WARNING: This is some haacky code. I plan to rewrite it later. It's a proof of concept


I just want something that I can use during presentations on Git. So as I run commands, it'll show the git graph in a beautiful manner.

Next steps

  • I need to add local and remote branch annotations.

Quick start

  • Visit our Release Page to download the latest stable release.
  • Unzip files into a directory of your choice.
  • Click on SeeGit.Exe.
  • Point SeeGit to the root of a git repository. ** for larger repositories it may take a bit to load. Be patient.


To build the project you will need Expression Blend SDK. Additionally, to run the build script you will need Windows PowerShell (Win 7 here and WinXP here).

If you would like to contribute, check out the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

If you're wondering why the unit tests are structured as they are, read my blog post about structuring unit tests.


MIT License


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