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Setting Up Your Development Environment with Docker

Note that these instructions will only work within the HabitFree Docker environment and after you've started the Docker environment containers using ./ Follow the instructions at this link before going on.

Set up PHPUnit with WordPress
  1. In terminal, cd into wp-accountability/tests/
  2. wget
  3. chmod +x phpunit.phar
  4. mkdir wordpress-dev
  5. cd wordpress-dev
  6. svn co
  7. cd trunk
  8. cp ../../wp-tests-config.php .
  9. svn up
  10. ../../phpunit.phar

If your installation of phpunit.phar is correct, PHPUnit should attempt to run the WordPress development tests. Otherwise, you should see a lot of html and error messages (commonly mysql connect error messages).

If you get this error:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

Do this in Debian-based linux:

sudo apt-get install php5-mysql
sudo service apache2 restart

And then try running phpunit.phar again.

Set up PHPUnit testing in PhpStorm
  1. Open the wp-accountability folder in PhpStorm
  2. Open PhpStorm preferences and select Languages > PHP
  3. Select an appropriate interpreter.
  4. Go to Languages > PHP > PHPUnit
  5. Set PHPUnit library to Path to phpunit.phar
  6. Navigate to and select wp-accountability/tests/phpunit.phar such that the full path is shown in the text box
  7. Apply changes and close settings
  8. Right-click tests/phpunit.xml and select "Run phpunit.xml". If all is well, the HabitFree plugin tests should run within PhpStorm.

Want to install the old, terrible, deprecated Bitnami way? Instructions here.