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@HacKanCuBa HacKanCuBa released this Jun 9, 2017 · 2 commits to master since this release

Release v1.7.2

Bug fixes from pass.

All release tags are signed, and release packages (tar.gz and zip) are
also signed. Always check signatures prior using this software.


Bug fixes

  • Fix test suite on OS X
  • Add compatibility with GnuPG 2.2.19
  • Uniformly use the $GPG variable
  • Do the correct thing with subkeys when reencrypting


Verify signature, then run make install as a privileged user:

wget -O passh-v1.7.2.tar.gz
gpg --verify passh-v1.7.2.tar.gz.sig 
tar -xf passh-v1.7.2.tar.gz
cd passh-v1.7.2
sudo make install

If you don't want to sudo make install, you can simply copy src/ to /usr/bin/passh. Optionally, check completion helpers in src/completion and man page at man/passh.1.


Tar file

Blake2b:  ca6885ce26aa55f22bac3b68a11e17978bf08a33be5d9ade8b2721452da1152dce1c942929fe32e262e8cfd6eaeab0de90c75b3170b3ea8bd20390be1d4275c2
SHA2-512: f8c91440228a102b8f746c494d9adb19bb6359d999af0dc981626631cd309c3d808e3ed9b3dabd0285e3da392eedf983ea7b1523d547f7461761f0a866f8ab22

Zip file

Blake2b:  3d0077e8cb1dd9658f44cb6d7a0bbca6d833427dcf6ff355bde4db1803379323bf64219f22c22fecc579abfb7d6184993ca8b874750102d09d956342d5e0aea2
SHA2-512: 32241fe55dd57201c0a9893724b170119ab6f75c2e43847ee9a9db0050aafc7be9be210096d5363d2699559e73b2b54138d336a74452d511c5d4371668f32c10
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