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Current status

Development changed so that there will be open source 2D strategy game engine developed first as the base and on top of that we start to develop the game. Check here:


Basically After the End is a browser game where players play slow-paced, but deep grand strategy in simultaneous turns. The special aspect of the game is the strong emphasis on diplomacy, not only warfare. The idea is not to brainlessly attack every other nation, but to take diplomacy and tactics into consideration. The primary and only game mode at the release will be multiplayer. In the future co-operative scenarios and single-player content is planned.

Simultaneous turns mean that players have a set amount of time to play their turns (for example two days). After the set amount of time has run out or all players have finished their turns, the game will be locked temporarily. During the lockdown, players turns are executed and the given orders processed - server side. When players orders have been executed, a new turn will be initialized and players can login to the game again and play their next turn.

The game world is post-apocalyptic world and the players lead their own factions to success. The game works in browser with HTML5. The best way to understand the idea of the game would be to play Europa universalis, VGA planets (, then combine them and throw in a post-apocalyptic world.

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