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//badge user settings
//Badge firmware version should be defined as a string here:
#define FIRMWARE_VERSION "1.04"
//define length of BASIC program RAM buffer
//increasing the length will allow you to hold larger programs
// load and save functions are set to 4096B only though
#define BPROG_LEN 16384
//define size and number of sectors for saving BASIC programs
#define BPROG_SECSIZ 4096
#define BPROG_SECNUM 4
//amount of BASIC program slots
#define BASIC_SAVNUM 16
//FLASH_CONSUMED = BASIC_SAVNUM*BPROG_LEN - that is how much of FLASH is consumed
//the rest up to 0x080000 is free for user
//if you don't care for BASIC or CP/M, do as you wish
//where is the start of slot region in FLASH
* FLASH organization is as follows
* 0x000000-0x003FFF - first slot
* 0x004000-0x007FFF - second slot
* ...etc
* 0x03C000-0x03FFFF - 16-th slot
* 0x040000-0x07FFFF - empty space
* 0x080000-0x0FFFFF - D disk of CP/M machine
//Set SHOW_SPLASH to 0 to skip splash screen at boot
#define SHOW_SPLASH 1
//this one enables 64k of RAM image for CP/M
//if off, disables all CP/M stuff and leaves "empty" Z80 machine
//first ROM disk, full of utils, mapped as disk B. you can disable this one
//second ROM disk, with games, mapped as disk C. you can disable this one
#define USE_ROMDISK2
//RAM disk, you can save 22kb of RAM by disabling it
//FLASH buffering of CP/M disk drives.
//enabled - use RAM buffering, faster, less wear-out
//disabled - more stable and straight-forward