Staggered RDS database dumps.
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Stagger is a simple daemon that calculates the ideal time to create SQL dumps of your databases.



Not all databases are created equally. Stagger lets you create profiles for your databases so your more important databases can be backed up more frequently and your less important databases can be backed up less frequently.

Optional S3 Integration

Backing up your database dumps to the cloud is only a couple of CTRL-c's and CTRL-v's away.

Database support

Currently Stagger supports the following databases:

  • MySQL

Configuration / Installation

First, fill in the bin/.stagger config file with your information. The config file is heavily commented.

Next, install the gems:

$ bundle install

Feel free to run the tests. This will, however, take a bit of effort, as I created a local database for the tests. In the future there will probably include a single SQL dump of the test databasase so you can easily create them locally. You'll also need to fill in your AWS credentials.

To run the tests:

$ bundle exec rspec spec/*

If you don't plan on uploading to S3, simply treat the tmpFolder property in the bin/.stagger configuration file as your "download directory".


Now we can actually get to backing up!

$ ruby staggerdb.rb start

If you just want to keep your backups local and not upload to S3,

$ ruby stabberdb.rb start --no-aws