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Javascript workshop for Cal Hacks and Hackers @ Berkeley

imgur-voice takes advantage of webkitSpeechRecognition in Google Chrome to search

Obtaining an imgur Client ID

In this workshop we will be accessing imgur's API (Application Programming Interface) to fetch images based on a search parameter. To do this, we must obtain a Client ID from Popular APIs do this to combat spam and ensure the authenticity of its consumers.

  1. Create an account on
  2. Register your application by filling out this form.
    • Application Name: YourNameImgurVoice
    • Authorization Type: Anonymous usage without user authorization
    • Authorization Callback URL: https://localhost:8000 (This one doesn't really matter. Enter any valid URL)
  3. Find your Client ID by going to apps. Make sure you're logged in!
  4. Now we just need to put our unique Client ID into our code. Change the line that says imgurRequest.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Client-ID your_client_id"); by replacing your_client_id with the one you just generated.
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