Demo on Convolutional Neural Networks using Keras/Tensorflow on the MNIST dataset for HackBU on 11/9/17
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Convolutional Neural Networks Demo

This repository is for my introductory demo on Convolutional Neural Networks - with MatPlotlib for visualization.

Setting Up

I'll be assuming Anaconda (Python 3.6) is installed for this demo, but I provided a table with the pip equivalents just in case. I can't ensure everything will work as instructed if not using Anaconda due to everyone having their own setups on their local machines.

Anaconda3 pip
conda create --name cnn --file requirements.txt pip install -r requirements.txt
source activate cnn ---

Writing Code

I'll be using Jupyter Notebook to demonstrate this code step-by-step

  • jupyter notebook should come installed with Anaconda3.

To start Jupyter Notebook, either start the application on Windows, or in the terminal on mac/linux just run the following command:

jupyter notebook