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Data Science & Data Engineering Workshop
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HackBU - Data Science & Engineering

Getting Started

In this workshop, we'll be covering two very hot topics in tech - data science and data engineering. The difference between these two fields is complicated and oftentimes blurry, but the difference can be summarized as follows:

  • Data Engineering involves transporting and cleaning data so that it can be used for analysis.

  • Data Science involves analyzing data to establish trends/patterns and make decisions.

The Data Science portion of the workshop covers Data Analysis (Numpy and Pandas) and Data Visulization (Matplotlib and Plotly).

The Data Engineering portion of the workshop covers SQL, a relational database query language, and Apache Kafka, a data streaming platform.

To get started, choose the section that most interests you!

Bug Bounties

Starting today, if you find a bug or mistake in our workshop, let an organizer know or make a pull request fixing it! We'll be handing out special HackBU stickers to those who find bugs/mistakes, and as always, we'll be giving stickers away to some random respondents from our feedback form.


If you attended our workshop on 10/2/19, please leave feedback here.

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