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Intro to Programming and Starting a Personal Project Workshop


If you're just getting started with programming, take a look at the Intro to Programming section. This section will take you through the basics of the command line and version control. These skills are important to learn if you want to start a personal project because it makes your code organized and maintainable. (Sounds boring, but we promise it will come in handy!) Some of the topics covered in this section are file structure, input/output processing, and Git/GitHub.

If you already have some experience programming and are stuck on how to start a personal project, take a look at the Starting a Personal Project section. This section will spark some of your amazing ideas about what kind of project you want to undertake, as well as equipping you with the organizational skills you'll need to take it from start to finish! Some of the topics covered in this section are developing solutions, project management, and Agile.

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