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HackBU - Machine Learning Week 1

Getting Started

Welcome to part one of our two-week machine learning series!

Week 1 will be a in the style of a traditional workshop: it will introduce various machine learning concepts and have you implement what you've learned on a real-world example.

Week 2 will be more project-based, and there will be different tracks for those who are interested in different kinds of machine learning problems.

Today's workshop covers:

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning with scikit-learn
  2. Introduction to Neural Networks with Tensorflow
  3. Housing Price Prediction with Machine Learning

Bug Bounties

If you find a bug or mistake in our workshop, let an organizer know or make a pull request fixing it! We'll be giving out special HackBU stickers to those who find bugs/mistakes.


If you attended our workshop, please leave feedback here. Fill out the form to be entered in a raffle for some HackBU swag!

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