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HackBU - Web Development

Getting Started

In this workshop, we will be tackling several topics relating to web development. If you're just getting started with web development, check out the beginner section. This section provides an introduction to HTML/CSS for anyone with little to no web development experience. We cover building a personal website and deploying it with Github Pages. Building a personal portfolio can be a great way to separate yourself in the job/internship search. You can use your site to showcase your resume, contact info, and side and classroom projects, and Github Pages is a free, easy way to deploy webpages.

For those who may already feel comfortable building static webpages with HTML/CSS, we invite you to check out the intermediate section. JavaScript (native, standards-based) is a really powerful language for DOM manipulation. While HTML and CSS are useful for designing static web-pages, JavaScript is integral for making sites interactive. For example, Javascript allows dynamic text manipulation, event listening, and button functionality.

Lastly, if you're already experienced in web development, check out the advanced section. The section covers React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React has a ton of its own libraries and packages, each of which alters its capabilities significantly. This repository won't be able to touch upon all of the libraries, but be sure to check out the React documentation if you're curious and want to learn more!

Additionally, if you're curious about how to host a website, check out these website hosting resources.


If you attended our workshop on 9/25/19, please leave feedback here.

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