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Stateless, Dateless, Flawless

Configure Jekyll

gem --version || sudo gem install ruby
bundle --version || sudo gem install bundler
sudo apt-get install imagemagick libmagickwand-dev
sudo gem install rmagick -v '2.16.0'
bundle install
jekyll serve

or if you don't want to install these deps globally:

bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec jekyll serve

A Dockerfile is included for convenience.

Instructions for Updating Website

Adding/Removing/Editing member of HackGT

Edit /_data/members.csv and your changes should be reflected

TBD - Way to specifiy path to image

Creating a Blog Post

Any new blog post can be added by creating a new file in the _posts/ directory. This can be done in two ways, either on your desktop or right here on Github!


Assuming you are reading this in the browser, click Create new file button right above all the files and commit history. When specifying the path, type in _posts/NAME_OF_YOUR_POST. Naming convention is MANDATORY for correct display on the website and is as follows: For example, if you are adding a post titled "Hello HackGT" on July 10, 2017, you would name your file Before adding your content, you will need to add the following header to your file.

layout: posts
categories: blog posts
description: A short description of your post.

Please note the three dashes at the beginning and end. After this, you are now ready to write/paste/create your content. To style and format your content correctly, you can use markdown or HTML, and remember you can preview your work! When you are finished adding the content, scroll to the bottom of the page. Create a commit title and description that clearly explains what you are adding (i.e. "Added blog post about HackG5"), and change the branch name to USERNAME-blog-TITLE, and click the "commit new file" button. This will create a new branch with your new file, and the last thing to be done is to create a pull request. This should take you to a new screen, make sure everything is in order, and then click the create pull request button to submit your changes. Then, our Biodomes service will create a test deployment to preview your changes on a copy of the live site from a unique URL. After you've verified everything looks good, let a member of tech team know you have submitted something new, and he/she will confirm your changes, and approve and merge your pull request. Once this is done you should be able to see your post live on our site!


Desktop editing is only recommended if you are proficient with Git. Repeat the above instructions, but do the creation locally, and then push your changes.


HackGT's homepage with info about the organization and upcoming events





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