"Postgres is 1% determination and 99% containerization"-@mjkaufer Utility for creating user and database on a Postgres server in Kubernetes
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A simple script packaged into a Docker container that idempotent-ly creates a Postgres user and database on a given host specified in environment variables. Realtalk™️: this project is a 2 line script that runs CREATE USER and CREATE DATABASE.

Note: The user that is created has restricted permissions (only has access to the created database). It also does not have a password.

Environment variables

Name Description
POSTGRES_URL (connection option) Connection string for the Postgres server. This should be an admin user.
USERNAME Username for the user to be created
DBNAME Name for the database to be created (owner is set to the created user)

Exit Codes

pg_initializer will only exit with an error code (exit code != 0) when psql has issues connecting to the database. psql does not error when SQL errors are encountered, helping make the containerized utility idempotent.

Usage as an Init Container

MongoDB allows applications to upsert databases(!) by simply connecting and writing. If no existing database exists at that path then a new database is created and the data is written there.

Postgres does not work this way.

Instead, a superuser (or other user with proper permissions) needs to explicitly create a database. pg_initializer does this after first creating a user with restricted permissions and then creates a database with that user as the owner. Because duplicate user/database errors do not produce error codes on exit, this utility is suitable for usage as an init container - exit 0'ing when both the user and database exist.

Additionally, because connection failures will result in an error code, this init container will prevent apps that depend on Postgres from starting when the database server is down.


This was created to be used as an Init Container in HackGT/biodomes for applications that use Postgres as a datastore. This image allows biodomes to create a new user and database for each deployment of each application that uses Postgres (each PR will have a separate db and all isolated from each other - and production).

See HackGT/biodomes#16 for more context.