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This is an application for hackerspaces to use to manage their inventory. See the wiki for more information.
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== HackRVa Inventory Application ==

Please read the wiki at for the most up-to-date information.

This will be an internal-use application by HackRVa. We'll use this to
upload assets to our inventory and track things that belong to
individual members.

== Plan ==

This README file serves as an appspec and will include information
about features to be added, etc.

Current feature wishlist:

* User management (duh) probably via OpenID or Google Authentication
* barcode tracking (QR code pointing to internal URL handler
* connection to a PostgreSQL database via an ORM 
** I'm comfortable with SQLAlchemy, and plan to use it, but if things
   get to hairy in turbogears, which I've heard they will, we might
   switch midstream to Django ORM, and write it up in Django.
* we may also focus on a NoSQL approach, partially just to try it out,
  also because it's nice to have things in JSON format when working
  with webapps.

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