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HackSoc slide.pptx

To replace :

How to Contribute

How to write a blog post!

  • Add a file to /_posts/
  • Name this file e.g.
  • Add this header to the top of the file
   layout: post
   title: Name of Post

   feature-img: "img/sample_feature_img.png" # Note if you don’t want a header image, delete this line
  • Run Jekyll to locally test
    • On your first time running Jekyll run: bundle install to get Ruby dependencies
    • bundle exec jekyll serve
    • Browse to
  • Once happy with your post, commit the changes
    • git add <blog_file> i.e. git add _posts/
    • git commit -m "Added post about Hacksoc storming SpaceApps London"
    • This should make them go live immediately if you commit directly to the repo
      • (Or if you submit a pull request - changes should go live after the pull request is accepted!)
  • If problems occur, look at the output and build status on Travis CI, as well as the output from the local Jekyll server
    • GitHub may send your email or with failure information (although it's not always very helpful)
    • Ask @jay-to-the-dee (Dilks) or @jamietanna if you're still stuck :)

Created with Jekyll

A free and open-source blogging platform Jekyll.