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Human CentipEEG

Hack The Brain Dublin 2017 Project https://dublin.sciencegallery.com/page/humancentipeeg


Richard Roche, Graham Healy, Laura Rai, Michael Fleming, (Others TBA)


This ambitious project aims to create a closed loop of the three participants, whereby the emergent EEG at each stage of the processing chain is converted into a different sensory modality and the coherence between them compared. If successful, Human CentipEEG will turn the electroencephalogram into both the stimulus and the response, posing the question: where does the signal begin and where does it end?


In Human CentipEEG, three individuals will - by virtue of their EEG - effectively become one organism responding to multisensory inputs in real time, with each person acting as one sense modality. Visual input will be perceived by the first person, and their resultant EEG signal will be converted into musical output; this music will be heard by the second person, whose elicited EEG will be converted to tactile vibrations; a third person will experience these tactile sensations, and their recorded EEG will be converted into the visual output perceived by the first person.

Ethical considerations