Hacking with Twisted Python
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1. Feb, 2012 - Rackspace, SF

~35 hackers gathered from 9am to 9pm to hack on and with Twisted Python.

In the future we might all create repos under the HackThePlanet organization, but for now here is a handy list of demo links:

https://github.com/adampickeral - Racksburg Workout Prize app (with wheel of Fortune)

https://github.com/cyli - Shellless ssh that allows reading of sym links external to root mount

https://github.com/exarkun - AMP repl

https://github.com/jesusabdullah/node-punchcard - An ebcdic encoder/decoder, an ibm-style punchcard hole number encoder, and a formatter to print lulzy ascii cards.

https://github.com/ggreer/twisted_hang - Hack day project. Figure out if the main thread is hanging, and if so, what's causing it to hang.

https://github.com/Kami/libcloud.rest - REST interface for Libcloud

https://github.com/morgabra/slogger - Toss IRC messages into elastic search

https://github.com/mynnx/Jab - A hacky Jabber bot written in twisted Python

https://github.com/wpwood/twistedspace - Twisted-based tuple(-ish) space server

https://github.com/chrisgilmerproj/krater - Django-nonrel with MongoDB, a Wine/Vineyard api with geospatial queries