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At HackYourFuture we take your privacy seriously and will take as many precautions as possible to protect your personal data. This privacy policy will explain how the HackYourFuture organisation uses the personal data we collect from you when you take part in the course.

1. Definitions

Below we will list certain definitions that are used throughout the policy and what they mean when it comes to HackYourFuture.


Core Team - The HackYourFuture core team are all of the employees and board members of the HackYourFuture organization.

Volunteers - Volunteers are all of the people that help out with the running of the classes but are not an employee or board member of HackYourFuture.

Students - Students are all of the people that are taking our course(s).

HYF Community - The HackYourFuture community is everyone that has ever been involved in HackYourFuture as either a core team member, a volunteer or a student.

Data of students we collect

Personal data - This is any information which relates to a person. It can include names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Application data - This is specific data that helps the HackYourFuture core team with assessing an application of the student and is linked to the name of the student. It can include name, immigration status, education level, household information, etc.

Performance tracking data - This is specific data that helps the HackYourFuture core team with assessing the performance of the student and is linked to the name of the student. It can include name, grades, attendance information, strikes, etc.

Participation data - This is specific data that is the result of participating in the HackYourFuture course. It can include recordings of sessions, projects, etc.


The following topics will explain how HackYourFuture receives, uses and secures the data as well as how to contact us if anything is not clear.

2. Personal data in third party tools

When following the HackYourFuture course we require our students to work with Slack, Github, Linkedin and create a CV in Google. Students should be aware that HackYourFuture has no control over that data, students can upload and delete personal data themselves and the privacy policies of these third parties will apply.

Per topic we will go deeper into what these tools are used for and what information may be shared there:


Slack is the communications platform that the whole HYF community uses and has access to. We encourage every student to have a recent picture, an email address as well as an identifiable name on Slack to allow the community to interact with the student.


Github is the place for students to publish all of their code and will be open to the whole public. It is required for every student to have a name, an email address and all of the code created for the HackYourFuture curriculum to be added to their GitHub. This will be provided to companies looking to hire.


LinkedIn is the place for students to fill in information related to their professional history. It is required for every student to have a LinkedIn with information about them that HackYourFuture can share with potential employers.


Every student will be required to create a CV with their personal information and including their professional history in Google Slides. A PDF copy of this document will be shared with potential employers by the core team.

3. Why and how we collect your data?

We collect and process your personal data because we perform our agreement with you to provide courses and bring you into contact with potential employers and because we have a legitimate interest to do so. We process the minimal amount of personal data in order to meet these purposes.

All the personal data we collect is provided by the student. We collect and process this data when the student:

  • Applies to our course(s)
  • Is accepted to one of our classes
  • Is applying to a job at a company
  • Successfully starts an internship and/or job at a company

All the application data is provided by the student during the application process and is used by the core team to decide on which applicants are accepted to the course.

All the performance tracking data we collect is to track the performance of the student and will only be used for the purpose of deciding if the student is fulfilling the requirements of the course.

All the participation data we collect is with the knowledge of the student and is used to aid the students and volunteers in going through the course. Recordings made during the course are a specific case and will be handled with the following rules:

  • The recordings will be uploaded to any video sharing website. If there exists a sharing site where the video can be unlisted then that site will be used.
  • The link to the recording will be a publicly accessible link, but will only be shared within the HYF community unless explicitly informed beforehand.

4. How do we store your data?

The data is securely stored in the cloud using the following GDPR compliant storage applications:

We delete your personal data 5 years after completion of the course, but can be made anonymous on request.

5. Who has access to what data?

At HackYourFuture we work with a core team that is supported by volunteers. All of your personal, application and performance tracking data is generally only accessible for the core team. There are some exceptions:

  • Performance tracking data for a specific module may be shared with the volunteers of that specific module. This is either to help the volunteers improve their teaching or for the core team to get a second opinion on the performance of the students.
  • Performance tracking data for modules/services run by third parties is shared with HackYourFuture as well as the third party.
  • All third party tool data as described under paragraph 2 of this Privacy Notice.

All participation data is accessible by the HYF community.

6. How do we handle data in regards to communicating with investors and marketing purposes?

HackYourFuture is required to provide performance metrics to our investors. To create these metrics the application and performance tracking data may be used (for example, to generate statistics). In all cases when communicating with investors, no personal data will be shared.

For marketing purposes the same anonymous metrics may be used as shared with the investors. Additionally, for marketing HackYourFuture may also use any shared information of its former students (for example, their LinkedIn or Slack profile). Examples include, but not limited to sharing information on students who got jobs and creating infographics.

7. What are your data protection rights?

At HackYourFuture we adhere to the data protection rights in the following way. Every student is entitled to the following:

  • The right to access - The right to request copies of your personal data.
  • The right to rectification - The right to request that HackYourFuture correct any information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request HackYourFuture complete information you believe is incomplete.
  • The right to be forgotten - The right to request that HackYourFuture anonymises your personal, application and performance tracking data. You also have the right to request that HackYourFuture removes as much participation data as possible.
  • The right to restrict/object to processing - The right to request that HackYourFuture restricts or stops the processing of your personal data, under certain conditions.
  • The right to data portability - The right to request that HackYourFuture transfers the data that we have collected to another organization or directly to you, under certain conditions.

If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please send an email to

8. Changes to our privacy policy

HackYourFuture keeps its privacy policy under regular review and will make note of any changes made. The history of these changes can be requested by sending an email to This privacy policy was last updated on 24 November 2022.


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