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Portable Shower

Have you ever been to a hackathon and felt dirty? Well, we have the solution for you!

Built at DragonHacks Spring 2015.




What you’ll need

Time: 4-12 hours

Cost: Under $80


  • Tarp
  • Hot glue
  • Portable piping
  • Motors (water pumps)
  • Switch
  • Air pump
  • Tape


  1. Gather all materials
  2. Measure out the tarp. Make sure you have at least 14 ft by 10 ft of tarp because the curtain needs to have 2 layers so we can inflate it, be 7 feet high so the average person stand inside without being seen, and have a perimeter of 10 feet when standing so a person can move around inside and properly take a shower.
  3. Lay the tarp out flat and lay down columns of hot glue on one half of the tarp and then fold the other half onto the first half. The columns we made were 6 inches apart, started 6 inches from the beginning of the tarp and were 6 feet long. This allowed for an air pockets to form at the top and bottom of the curtain wall which would make sure that every column of space between the columns of glue received air. Make sure the glue the ends of the wall shut so that air doesn’t leak out. The columns added to the structural integrity of the curtain walls because without them the walls would inflate like a giant square balloon. Hot glue works the best because the walls are made of polyethylene. We found that at least 2 people are needed to this step because one person needs to apply the glue while the other person holds the tarp and makes sure that only the right parts of the tarp are touching the glue. Go one column at a time because hot glue dries too fast to do all at once.
  4. Make a base for the shower…
  5. make port to pump air into the curtain…
  6. Make input water hose…
  7. Make output water pump circuit… attach output water pumps…
  8. Check for leaks and if everything is good then go take a shower you dirty person.


  • Victor Lourng
  • Shariq Hashme
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Harman Anand