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Source Code for HPFanfiction Recommender Website
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HPFanfiction Recommender Website

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This repo contains the source code for the front-end website of HPFanfiction Recommender

Read my blog post on creating HPFanfiction Recommender

How it works

A Python Backend uses data from to fetch comments made by u/FanfictionBot in r/HPFanfiction and extracts relevant data from them and stores it in a database. JSON files are made from that database, which are then commited to this repo using Travis-CI

The backend is currently hosted on a free server from PythonAnywhere, and the server is restricted within its limits.


Pull Requests are welcome. You can work with the data in /data folder, which is updated by a backend server using Travis-CI
If you want more data to be available in the /data/ folder, open an issue and we will discuss it.

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