A ScriptCS script pack that brings in features of the ClrMD API which can then be used for scripted or interactive diagnostics (via REPL) against any running CLR process.
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drub0y Fixes, new command and build.cmd
- fixed a bug in ScriptPack::Terminate where the logic wouldn't null out
the ClrMdPack instance if it wasn't attached
- changed DumpFinalizerQueueHeapStatsByType(minSize) from int to long
- added DumpStack command
- changed ConsoleOutputWriter::WriteLineSeparator to write only half the
console width for aesthetics
- added a build.cmd file to support easy building without having to fire
up Visual Studio
Latest commit fa870bb May 16, 2013
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src Fixes, new command and build.cmd May 16, 2013
LICENSE.md Initial commit. May 12, 2013
README.md Pushing sample code into Wiki May 14, 2013
build.cmd Fixes, new command and build.cmd May 16, 2013