🌍 Tap the screen, Know the world. HACKxFDU 2017 九强作品。
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Tap the screen, Know the world.

Demo & Preview


生活中有许多我们不曾发现的事物,我们对这些细小的东西一无所知。PediAR 是运行在 iOS 平台的 AR App,它利用 IBM Waston 的认知功能,对所指向的物体进行识别。并通过 QingCloud 云服务器的聚合作用,在 Wikipedia 上搜索出准确的介绍信息,来帮助用户了解那些生活中未知的事物。PediAR 就是一个现实识物的百科全书。并且其强大的 Web link 功能还可以扩展到其他的行业,比如说商品的认知。


There are many things we absolutely ignorant in life. PediAR is a AR App based on iOS platform, which uses IBM Watson to identify objects pointing. And through the aggregation of QingCloud cloud server, search accurate information on the Wikipedia, to help users accurately understand those unknown things in life. PediAR is a real general material Wikipedia book. And its accurate Web link function can also be extended to other industries, such as cognitive products.


在 20 多年前互联网尚未诞生时代,人们获取知识的途径有限而单一,常见的方式是查询百科全书、辞海或者询问他人。百科全书浩如烟海,个人的知识有限,人们往往无法快速获得自己想要的知识。而当互联网问世之后,人们的知识的获取效率大大提升,但是当我们想要获取某事物相关的知识的时候,必须事先知道该事物的一些关键字或其它特征才能在互联网上进行搜索。因此 PediAR iOS App 应运而生。PediAR 利用 IBM Waston,精准地识别并获取到手机摄像头前物体的相关关键字,利用 QingCloud 云服务器对 WikiPedia 进行数据聚合,利用 AR 将来自互联网的知识和真实环境进行叠加,从而改变了获取知识的途径,提升了获取知识的效率。总而言之,这是一个可以对现实世界进行认知、快速检索并利用 AR 与现实世界交互的百科全书。

Idea Source

20 years ago, the Internet era was not yet born, people obtain knowledge and limited access to a single. Common way is an encyclopedia, dictionary or ask others to query. Encyclopedia of the multitude and personal knowledge is limited, people is often unable to obtain the knowledge they want. When the advent of the Internet, people's knowledge acquisition efficiency is greatly improved, but when we want to get something related knowledge, must know in advance some key words of the things or other features to search on the internet. Therefore, PediAR iOS App arises at the historic moment. PediAR by IBM Watson, accurate recognition and access to relevant keywords mobile phone camera before the object, the WikiPedia data aggregation using QingCloud cloud server, using AR stack will come from the knowledge of the Internet and the real environment, thus changing the way to acquire knowledge, enhance the efficiency of knowledge acquisition. In a word, this is an encyclopedia that can recognize the real world, retrieve it quickly, and use AR to interact with the real world.


降低获取知识的门槛,提升获取知识的效率。寓教于乐,通过 AR 在真实视觉中添加识物标签。

How to Use

打开 App ,点击按钮进入 AR 界面。把想要识别的物体放在蓝色方框内,轻点屏幕。稍等片刻后,如果解析成功,会在物体位置出现一个气泡,显示该物体的名称。下面会出现维基百科的跳转链接,以及相似物体的图片供参考。还有根据维基百科的 Summary 部分生成的可能相关概念跳转链接。如果不想看到当前物体的介绍了,就把摄像头对准这个气泡并点击,就会让这个气泡“爆炸”,以便进行下一次识别。



  • Xcode 9.0+
  • iOS 11.0+
  • Swift 4.0+


  1. Clone the project, cd to the project root directory, open terminal and enter:
pod install
carthage update --platform iOS
  1. Download Inception V3 .mlmodel file from here, and place it at the same level of PediAR.xcworkspace.

  2. Open and explore the world!



APIs and SDKs


Last but not the least

Desgard_Duan and Kuixi Song

GNU General Public License v3.0

Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. http://fsf.org/ Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.