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Python Client for HackerCafe
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HackerCafe is a place for hackers, by hackers, from HackerEarth Inc.

Hackers want easy access to the internet and an environment they love. They want food which allows them to be awake at night and helps code better and faster. The food at HackerCafe is low-carb, high on protein with right amount of Aspartic & Glutamic acid. It is the result of 3 years of research by the best nutritionists in the world.

Available Commands:

  1. menu - List the menu and item codes to order.
  2. order - To order the item and send it to our servers

Available Foods:

Item Name                                                        - Item Code

1. Bit Coffee (8 beans of pure, intense coffee flavour)          - HBC
2. Byte Coffee (16 beans with steamed milk & deep layer of foam) - HBYC
3. Dijkstra Sandwich (Shortest sandwich)                         - HDS
4. Babbage Pasta (Father of the pasta)                           - HBP
5. Time capsule (Keeps you awake till whenever you want)         - HTC
6. XML Salad (Messed-up salad)                                   - HJSN
7. Aj-eggs (The refreshing omlette)                              - HAJ
8. Chill Bill (Opens your mind windows)                          - HCB
9. Zuck-Burg (The social burger)                                 - HZB

How to order food @HackerCafe

Only CLI orders are accepted. Please install the python package

Installation Guide

sudo pip install hackercafe

To list the menu

hackercafe menu

To order an item

hackercafe order <item_code>

Example: hackercafe order HZB to order Zuck-Burg.

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