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HEBorn Build Status

HEBorn is the web client for Hacker Experience 1.

The codebase here is also the same one for the Hacker Experience 2 client. Once we start releasing the HE2 client, we'll probably split this repository in three: shared logic repository, HE1 client, HE2 client.


You'll need

  • elm 0.18
  • node and npm (tested with node v7.3.x & npm v4.0.x)
  • UNIX-based OS (Linux, MacOS, *BSD). Not tested on Windows.
  • elm-format for linting
  • GNU Make (default make on Linux)
  • Patience, we are slowly growing this codebase into a playable, fun game.
  • Helix, the game server.



Launches development webserver with hot-reload.

make setup
make dev

Use make dev-css to enable hot-reloading of CSS stylesheets.


make test

Use make test-quick to run a single Fuzz test iteration. Our CI server uses make test-long by default.


make lint

Requires elm-format installed on your $PATH.


Outputs the client static files to build/.

make setup
make compile
make release


Interested in contributing? There are several ways you can help, even if you don't know a thing about computer programming. Please take a look at our Contribution Guidelines.


You can get development support on our online chat.

If you have any question that could not be responded on the chat by our contributors, feel free to open an issue.


2015-2017 Neoart Labs LLC.

HEBorn source code is released under the AGPL 3 license.

Check LICENSE or GNU AGPL3 for more information.


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