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module staging:
module list
module stack
module control
module logic
swash: swap pushr
keep2: [] ap20 dup ap02 stack.swap2 drop
in3: [] ap30 dup [ap03 swap3 drop] dip13
keep3: [] ap30 dup ap03 swap3 drop
dup3: in3 ap03 swap3 drop
__ [f] -> [f [f]]
self: dup [] pushl .
__ [f] g -> [f [f] g]
carry: [dup] dip12 [] ap20 .
__ carry: [self] dip11 [] ap20
check: [|] control.dip21 [dup] swap . . popr !
__ simplified test function
nullify: [popr drop] [is_nil not] iterate