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`timescale 1ns / 1ps
`define intN 32
`define addrN 9
`include "primitives.v"
`define axi_module tests_axil_map_w
`include "tests_axil_map_w.v"
`include "array.v"
module tests_axi_lite_slave_top
input wire s_axi_aclk,
input wire s_axi_aresetn,
input wire [8:0] s_axi_awaddr,
input wire s_axi_awvalid,
output wire s_axi_awready,
input wire [31:0] s_axi_wdata,
input wire [3:0] s_axi_wstrb,
input wire s_axi_wvalid,
output wire s_axi_wready,
output wire [1:0] s_axi_bresp,
output wire s_axi_bvalid,
input wire s_axi_bready,
input wire [8:0] s_axi_araddr,
input wire s_axi_arvalid,
output wire s_axi_arready,
output wire [31:0] s_axi_rdata,
output wire [1:0] s_axi_rresp,
output wire s_axi_rvalid,
input wire s_axi_rready
wire clk = s_axi_aclk;
wire nrst = s_axi_aresetn;
`wire(Array, (`addrN, `intN), arr);
array #(.N(64))
`out(Array, 0, arr));
`wire(stream, `addrN, ar);
`wire(stream, `addrN, aw);
`wire(stream, `intN , w);
`wire(stream, `intN , r);
`wire(null_stream, 0, b);
wire inst_in_ready;
`inst_sync(`id(`axi_module), inst, #())(
`sync(`true, `true),
`in(Array, 0, arr),
`in(stream, 1, ar),
`in(stream, 2, aw),
`in(stream, 3, w),
`out(stream, 0, r),
`out(null_stream, 1, b));
`define from_axi_hs(stream) \
assign stream``_valid = s_axi_``stream``valid; \
assign s_axi_``stream``ready = stream``_ready
`define from_axi(stream, signal, shift) \
assign stream = s_axi_``stream``signal >> shift; \
`define to_axi_hs(stream) \
assign s_axi_``stream``valid = stream``_valid; \
assign stream``_ready = s_axi_``stream``ready
`define to_axi(stream, signal) \
assign s_axi_``stream``signal = stream; \
`from_axi(ar, addr, 2);
`from_axi(aw, addr, 2);
`from_axi(w, data, 0);
`to_axi(r, data);
assign s_axi_wstrb = 4'b1111;
assign s_axi_bresp = 2'b00; // OKAY
assign s_axi_rresp = 2'b00; // OKAY
endmodule // tests_axi_lite_slave_top