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iDPT - iDevice Perl Tool Notices

**iDPT now works both with Windows or Linux ( tested in Debian/Ubuntu ).

What is iDPT?

iDevice Perl Tool is a tool for Jailbroken Apple iDevices.

This tool provide ( more features are coming ) backup all your photos, videos, Slo-Mo videos and some files of your iDevice to your PC.

The folder which the files are saved is named according to the day's date.


You MUST have Cydia and OpenSSH installed in your iDevice.

Default password for OpenSSH in iDevices is 'alpine'.

The binary archive is only for 64 bit Windows.

You MUST have OpenSSH installed in your Windows. Linux already come with SSH.

Link for download OpenSSH for Windows x64-x86 => Direct link for mls-software.

**iDPT was tested with iPhone 4 GSM in iOS 7.1.2 with PanguJB. If you have experience problems, please, e-mail me at

Made by Hacker Orientado.

This tool is under license GPL v3.

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