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The arduino code that controls the LED tower
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This repository has the arduino code that controls our LED tower, as well as some schematics, data sheets and media about the project.

The LED tower is a cylindrical tower made of copper with an 8 by 16 grid of controllable RGB LED's around it. It's possible to control each LED and change it to any of 16 million available colors. This allows the user to make animations, games, displays and other things via software. The whole tower refreshes at roughly 120Hz.

It was built during a HackerSchool event, the LX Reactor Winter Edition 2014, that took place in Lisbon during about 10 days.

The Team:

  • João Almeida
  • Gonçalo Ribeiro
  • Ricardo Amendoeira
  • João Sintra
  • Fábio Azeitona
  • David Fernandes

Some Pictures

  1. The LED Tower being built
  • A cool picture of Fábio and the LED Tower;
  • The final result

Our Logo

<img src=""height="444" width="296" >

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