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Now you can know if the bathroom is free without leaving your desk!
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What is free2p?

free2p is a Raspberry Pi based solution that allows you to know if a bathroom is occupied or not via a web browser.
Pee at will :)
Do not come in here!

But, why free2p?

Following up on a long-term relationship with we decided they needed a proper WC warning system as their ranks grow in our hometown: good old Lisbon.

The team lost count on the amount of times someone got up from their desk space to go to the WC only to find out someone else was occupying the "Brain room" and, therefore, they called in the A-team. Sorry, HackerSchool for the win :)

Final result? See for yourself, check the' WC status.

Go ahead and setup your own free2p installation.

Chrome extension installation

The Chrome extension adds an icon next to Chrome's search bar, indicating the bathroom's occupation status.

The installation is simple:

  1. Download the code and unzip it
  2. Go to Settings -> Extensions
  3. Activate "Developer mode" checkbox
  4. Click "Load unpacked extension..."
  5. Select the "chrome-extension" folder from the code you downloaded
  6. Click on the link "Options" on the newly added "free2p" section
  7. Make sure the API URL is correct
  8. Enjoy! (but only when it's green :b)

The physical setup

We used a Raspberry A+ with a Wi-Fi dongle and connected it to the local network:

Our "door locked" sensor consists of two springs installed with screws that connect via two wires to the raspberry pi. When you lock the door the bolt touches both springs and, because it's made of metal, connects the two wires, closing the circuit.

(The raspberry pi is inside the white box. The spring wires go trough the wall and straight into the box)

Wiring setup

You can check how to wire the sensor any time by adding `/help.png` to the end of the free2p URL or address.

Making the server run at boot

To make the server run when the Raspberry Pi boots add the following line to your /etc/rc.local file before the exit 0 line:

(sleep 10; python3 path/to/server/folder/ &

As an example, if the folder for the server is inside /usr/bin then you would add the line (sleep 10; python3 /usr/bin/free2p/ &.


Released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

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