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Raspberry powered mirror which can display the news, weather, and time.

## Installation and Updating
Installation is simple as running the following command.
### Code
If you have [git]( installed and clone the repository.

> sudo pip install git+
git clone

**Alternatively, you can download a zip file containing the project (green button on the repository page)**

Navigate to the folder for the repository

cd Smart-Mirror

### Install your dependencies
make sure you have [pip]( installed before doing this

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk

### Add your api token
Make sure vim is installed on your system: `sudo apt-get install vim`
Use `vim` to edit you file


replace `weather_api_token` with the token you got from

## Running
To run the application run the following command in this folder
> python

## Demo and Build Instructions

## Demo and Build Instructions
(click image for link to video)
[![Link to youtube how-to video](](

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