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A component based game engine written in Common Lisp for modern OpenGL (4.3+).

NOTE: This engine is still in construction. It notably is missing collision detections, making it not yet ready for game making. The developers (psilord and mfiano) hang out in #lispgames on freenode, and specifically ##hacker-theory on freenode. Stop by if you want to help or see how to run what we currently have, or just to say hello.


Writing a game is a difficult thing. So we've created a system and work flow that helps you describe the elements needed to write 2d or 3d games. We designed several domain specific languages that make it easier to describe, manipulate, and use assets commonly found in game making. Such assets are, but not limited to, textures, materials, shader programs, and scene trees of actors that are available for instantiation.

The component system is a hybrid model between an ECS and an object model. The components are defined similar to CLOS defclass, and regular generic methods can be used with them. Components are added to Actors which represent game concepts like players, scenery, effects, etc. We define a component protocol invoked by the first-light engine to move your components to the next state and render them each frame.


This system is not yet available to be installed automatically with Quicklisp. To manually install using Quicklisp, clone this repository into your local-projects directory and issue the following in your REPL:

(ql:quickload :first-light)




Copyright © 2017-2018

Licensed under the MIT License.

A copy of the license is available here.