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Welcome to the ReviewApp (yes, terrible naming, we know..) wiki!

ReviewApp is a web app aimed to remove unwelcome biases from the Hackership application review process - written in React.js and Flask. It allows an admin to anonymize student applications, after which reviewers can read, make comments, send e-mails and change the status of the application. It also helps reviewers make skype appointments with applicants (during the non-anonymous phase of the review process).

Here's a quick overview of the app's main functionality.

A. Navigation

###Main Page This is the first page after login: main app

The main page gives the user all the applications in the various stages. Which stages (incoming, in review.. etc) are visible depends on the role of the user.


  1. Incoming: admins anonymize all content.
  2. In Review: assigned reviewers add questions to the applicant.
  3. Ready for Email: moderators review questions and hit the 'email applicant' button.
  4. Reply Received: admin anonymizes email content.
  5. Review Reply: assigned reviewers review the emailed replies and give feedback. If needed they can add follow-up questions that should be asked during Skype interview.
  6. Skype Invite Sent: a moderator or admin ends stage 5. by sending skype invitation to the applicant (or rejecting the application).
  7. Skype Scheduled: these applications are no longer anonymous. Applicants await skype call.
  8. Skyped: skype reviewers relay observation. Assigned reviewers make final decision.

The remainder are stages related to payment and grants, as well as inactive applications.

###Focus Mode main app In focus mode the user views only those applications that require immediate action. Only the current application is in view. The selection depends on the role of the user (admin, reviewer, coach, etc.).

###Search main app Allows the user to search for applications based on the applicants name. This feature was added to be able to find specific applications, even though they appear completely anonymized.

###Emails main app When an applicant sends an email to the specific address generated for them, they will show up here first. Only after they are anonymized by an admin will they show up in the application, to be viewed by the reviewer.

B. Filter

Users can filter the applications based on the batch (cohort) they belong too: main app

C. The Application

In this section we'll take a closer look at the application itself. main app


main app The header contains a user name (not a real name), a avatar to make the application more recognizable, and a status. In addition, number of comments, questions and emails is shown below the username. If the application is in review the status will show a deadline.

###Instruction main app Tells the user what to do with the application for the specific stage it is in.

###General Info main app Tells the user which cohort the application belongs to and which reviewers have been assigned to it. In the skype stage of the application phase this also includes a skypename and the applicant's real name.

###Body main app These are all the answers to the questions we received from the applicants. In the incoming stage (admin only) the body is editable to make it possible for the admin to take out sensitive information. Once the admin is done, the resulting body content will be stored separately as anonymous content.

###Comments main app All users can comment on the application.

###Question main app All reviewers are invited to leave questions for each application. These questions will be emailed to the applicant, after the first stage. It is the moderators job to make sure the questions are of sufficient quality before sending them out.

##D. Settings main app In the right corner you find the user icon and a dropdown button, those are your settings. From here you can log out, see when the app was last (automatically) reloaded, get help, or report a bug.

Admins, moderators have number of additional capabilities. Those who have Skype privileges (i.e. users who will Skype with the applicants) will also see a 'Manage Call Slots' option, further explained here.

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