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1 Statement Of Intent

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Statement of Intent [Raison d'Etre]

  1. We use Eventbrite as our primary event management solution for all our events since the last 8 years [2011] and it has served us well.

  2. But it lacked in one crucial aspect: Their API did not expose a "POST" checkin endpoint and the app had no feature for a checkout. Latter is required from a civic building code regulations for many venues. This hampered our efforts to have an accurate view for attendee checkins and checkouts and register the attendance for individual sessions

  3. For the forseeable future, we expect venues will

    1. Operate at reduced capacities
    2. Emphasize on contactless operations.
    3. Implement stringent visitor identification to comply with #COVID19 statutes.

As such "Know Your Attendee" for contact & trace will be enforced and no-shows will have to be curtailed drastically.

Think of Visage as a credit rating of your RSVP etiquette😁