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2 Essential Workflow

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Essential Workflow of Visage

  1. An organizer will create a "Karyakaram" on Visage. She will create sessions with start and end time. A series of sessions can be grouped under a track or remain independent and standalone from each other.
  2. The organizer will mark HMR rules applies either at Karyakaram venue checkin level or at the Track Level or at an Individual session level. If HMR is marked at Track Level, then all sessions under the track will automatically be marked as HMR-applicable.
  3. The organizer also assigns screening questions at the session level or/and at the Karyakaram level. The answers to the screening questions will be evaluated by the organizers and will be the primary basis for acceptance of the registration. Each registration are graded with a score and are accepted in descending order of that score.
  4. The registrant whose registration is accepted must acknowledge acceptance within a specified time span as configured by the organizer or the registration will be deemed expired.
  5. As part of his acceptance, a 1st time registrant will provide a mobile number which will be OTP verified, his frontal picture for Face Recognition[if contactless checkin is opted by the organizer] and last 4 digit of Govt approved ID from a specified list.
  6. If a registration has expired, then the organizer sends acceptance to next set of declined registrations.
  7. Once the organizer closes the evaluations, no more acceptance are sent out nor any more acknowledgments are accepted; the organizer then generates the guest list and sends it across to the venue.
  8. On the day of the Karyakaram, the attendee presents his ID to the venue security and is cross verified with information provided during acknowledgement.
  9. The organizer needs to explicitly open up the Karyakaram for checkins and sessions for attendance.
  10. If track or session HMR rules are applicable, then either the organizer manually or the Visage app automatically will mark the attendance of the attendee for the individual session.
  11. Once the checkin or attendance cutoff is passed, no checkins or attendance is undertaken.