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Списък с технологичните ментори, които ще бъдат на разположение по време на хакатона

Ако искаш да се включиш в списъка:

Погледни как са описани менторите в момента и пусни Pull Request с твоето описание, за да те имаме предвид за технологичен ментор за хакатона. Не отказваме почти на никой, но в крайна сметка, ще преценим дали да одобрим Pull Request-a ;)

Технологични ментори за HackFMI 3.0

Предстои попълване на списъка.

Vasil Kolev

Good at

  • Security
  • Architecture and DB design
  • Reading code and finding flaws
  • C, shell scripts, PHP, SQL
  • Linux, servers, deployments, making stuff work

Alexander Yanakiev

  • 7 years in IT Industry
  • Corporate Process Manager at Musala Soft
  • Experience in team leadership

Good at

  • OOP
  • Java - Hibernate, Spring
  • Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL
  • JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery Mobile

Martin Toshev

  • Software Engineer in Musala Soft

Good at

  • OpenJDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Oracle RDBMS / MongoDB
  • j2se/j2ee/Spring
  • Apache Maven
  • SVN/Git/Mercurial

Kiril Borisov

  • Senior developer at Luxoft

Good at

  • Core Java
  • Java web technologies
  • Java middle-tier technologies
  • Android and Blackberry mobile development

Borislav Mirchev

  • Senior Java Developer at Luxoft

Good at

  • Core Java
  • Java Web technologies
  • Java ORM technologies
  • Java Middle tier technologies

Stefan Kanev

  • Ruby programmer, here and there
  • Occasionally teaches a course or two in FMI

Good at

  • Filling in any place in the whole stack
  • Web development in general
  • Ruby, Python, JavaScript
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Object-oriented design
  • Making nice things

Atanas Gardev

  • 8 years IT experience
  • Senior Java Developer at Nemetschek

Good at

  • Java and Java Web technologies
  • Spring
  • XML processing

Alexander Kolarski

He's good at

  • Web Technologies & Data Mining
  • Front-end & backend development
  • Real time web applications

Bozhidar Dryanovski

Good at

  • Web development and Mobile Hybrid applications
  • JavaScript, Ruby, PHP
  • AngularJS and Polymer
  • Database and Software architecture
  • Vim :)

Todor Kisov

  • Senior Technical Architect at Experian
  • 15 years in the IT Industry

Good at:

  • Architecture and DB design
  • Core Java, PHP
  • Oracle, MS SQL, Pl/SQL, SQL
  • OOP
  • WEB
  • Datawarehousing

Yavor Atov

  • Developer at Nemetschek

Good at

  • Python & Django
  • Full stack web development
  • C, shell scripts, Linux

Vladimir Tsvetkov

  • Developer at Obecto

Good at

  • Software architectures
  • Software processes
  • Object oriented programming
  • Technical presentations
  • Clean code
  • Java
  • Spring
  • JavaScript
  • Dojo

Boris Vangelov

Good at

  • Web applications
  • PHP & MySQL, Java
  • jQuery, Dojo
  • Clean Code

Veselin Georgiev

Senior software developer at Chaos Software, V-Ray Core Development Team Blog:

He's good at

  • C/C++
  • Algorithms
  • 3D graphics, OpenGL
  • PIC microcontrollers, low-level hardware
  • Optimizations, assembly

Philip Balinov

  • DevOps Engineer at Komfo

Good at

  • Open-source anything
  • Software architectures
  • PHP, Python, C#, JS
  • Databases
  • Linux & automation

Venelin Gornishki

Senior Software Developer at ChaosGroup, V-Ray Cloud Development Team LinkedIN:

He's good at

  • Node.JS
  • Web Development (JS/PHP/HTML5)
  • Mobile Development (iOS/Android)
  • SQL / NoSQL databases

Mihail Sergeev

Senior Software Developer at ChaosGroup,V-Ray Cloud Development Team LinkedIN:

He's good at

  • Node.JS
  • Web Development (JS / HTML5)
  • Java / J2EE
  • .NET

Dimitar Terziev

Java Developer at Proxiad -


  • a Spring Framework enthusiast
  • object-oriented most of the time
  • heard about JEE and virtualization
  • staying at the back-end
  • secretly enjoying scripting languages like Python
  • Linux beta-tester and distro jumper

Boyan Marinov

.NET Software Developer at FIO Systems Bulgaria

He's good at

  • .NET and Microsoft stack, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC
  • Front-End development (HTML5 / CSS3 / Slicing)
  • Java Script
  • RESTful services
  • brainstorming ideas

Dimitar Terziev

  • Java Developer at Proxiad

Roman Angelov

  • Technical Team Leader at Proxiad

Tsvetan Stoyanov

Software architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria, currently working on a cloud services integration project

He's good at

  • Java, Java EE(JDBC, EJB, Servlets, JSP, JMS)
  • PHP
  • SQL, MySQL
  • Web front-end development (JavaScript HTML)
  • git, svn, csv,
  • UX, business apps development,
  • Linux

Pavel Genevski

Senior Researcher at SAP Labs Bulgaria

He's good at:

  • Idea generation, product research and development
  • Web Development with JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • jQuery mobile
  • UX, presentation skills
  • SQL, Postgre
  • Linux
  • Git/Github, Mercurial, SVN, CVS
  • Statistics

Martin Vladev

Developer at SAP Labs Bulgaria

He's good at:

  • Web Fronted Development with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js
  • Backend Development with Node.js, PHP, Java, Haskell
  • GNU/Linux infrastructure, automation, deployment
  • git, SVN

Alexander Todorov

He's good at

  • Python + Django
  • Many PaaS/IaaS clouds, especially Amazon Web Services
  • Quality Engineering if you desperately need it