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Fix CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo() does NOT work on iOS13
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Fix CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo() does NOT work on iOS13

Get Wi-Fi SSID on iOS 12 or earlier


import Foundation
import SystemConfiguration.CaptiveNetwork

func getSSID() -> String? {
    var ssid: String?
    if let interfaces = CNCopySupportedInterfaces() as NSArray? {
        for interface in interfaces {
            if let interfaceInfo = CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo(interface as! CFString) as NSDictionary? {
                ssid = interfaceInfo[kCNNetworkInfoKeySSID as String] as? String
    return ssid

To use CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo() in iOS 12 and later, enable the Access WiFi Information capability in Xcode. For more information, see Access WiFi Information Entitlement.

CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo() returns nil on iOS 13

Watch WWDC19 Session 713: Advances in Networking, Part 2.

Now you all know the important privacy to Apple. And one of the things we realized. Is that... Accessing Wi-Fi information can be used to infer location.

So starting now, to access that Wi-Fi information. You'll need the same kind of privileges that you'll need to get other location information.


Requires Capability: Access Wi-Fi Information

Must also meet at least one of criteria below

  • Apps with permission to access location
  • Currently enabled VPN app
  • NEHotspotConfiguration (only Wi-Fi networks that the app configured)

Otherwise, returns nil

Get Wi-Fi SSID on iOS 13 or later

Import Core Location framework

import CoreLocation

Function to update UI

func updateWiFi() {
    print("SSID: \(currentNetworkInfos?.first?.ssid)")
    ssidLabel.text = getSSID()

Ask location permission

if #available(iOS 13.0, *) {
    let status = CLLocationManager.authorizationStatus()
    if status == .authorizedWhenInUse {
    } else {
        locationManager.delegate = self
} else {

Implement CLLocationManagerDelegate

class ViewController: UIViewController, CLLocationManagerDelegate {
    func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didChangeAuthorization status: CLAuthorizationStatus) {
        if status == .authorizedWhenInUse {

Update your app

If your app uses CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo() and needs to solve the issue. Solve it now. There's no need to wait for Xcode 11 GM. The solution above is Xcode 10 compatible.

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