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Formerly S7FTPRequest

SCRFTPRequest was created by Alaksiej Nieścieraŭ. All code and most of this readme was written by him.

This project was inspired by a marvelous lib that I'm using in all my apps that involve network interactions (I can hardly remember one without any) ASIHTTPRequest.

This is the product of composing together ASIHTTPRequest design solutions and SimpleFTPSample techniques.


  • Upload and Create directory operations. More to come soon.
  • Based on CFNetwork, but provides friendly Objective-C API with delegates to handle progress and status of the request.
  • Inherits from NSOperation.
  • Supports authentication.
  • ARC ready

Using the Component

Since SCRFTPRequest is a NSOperation, you can easily add it to NSOperationQueue for asynchronous invokation. However, it is possible to use SCRFTPRequest as a plain NSObject. Here are some basic instructions. (I'm going to add more details in time.)

The request's delegate must implement the SCRFTPRequestDelegate protocol.


@protocol SCRFTPRequestDelegate <NSObject>

/** Called on the delegate when the request completes successfully. */
- (void)ftpRequestDidFinish:(SCRFTPRequest *)request;
/** Called on the delegate when the request fails. */
- (void)ftpRequest:(SCRFTPRequest *)request didFailWithError:(NSError *)error;

/** Called on the delegate when the transfer is about to start. */
- (void)ftpRequestWillStart:(SCRFTPRequest *)request;
/** Called on the delegate when the status of the request instance changed. */
- (void)ftpRequestDidChangeStatus:(SCRFTPRequest *)request;
/** Called on the delegate when some amount of bytes were transferred. */
- (void)ftpRequest:(SCRFTPRequest *)request didWriteBytes:(NSUInteger)bytesWritten;




SCRFTPRequest *ftpRequest = [[SCRFTPRequest alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""] 
toUploadFile:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Info" ofType:@"plist"]];

ftpRequest.username = @"testuser"; 
ftpRequest.password = @"testuser"; 

// Specify a custom upload file name (optional)
ftpRequest.customUploadFileName = @"App_Info.plist";

// The delegate must implement the SCRFTPRequestDelegate protocol
ftpRequest.delegate = self;  

[ftpRequest startRequest];

Implement the callbacks (they are performed on the main thread, so you can invoke your UI components safely):

// Required delegate methods
- (void)ftpRequestDidFinish:(SCRFTPRequest *)request { 

    NSLog(@"Upload finished."); 

- (void)ftpRequest:(SCRFTPRequest *)request didFailWithError:(NSError *)error {

    NSLog(@"Upload failed: %@", [error localizedDescription]); 

// Optional delegate methods
- (void)ftpRequestWillStart:(SCRFTPRequest *)request { 

    NSLog(@"Will transfer %d bytes.", request.fileSize); 

- (void)ftpRequest:(SCRFTPRequest *)request didWriteBytes:(NSUInteger)bytesWritten { 

    NSLog(@"Transferred: %d", bytesWritten); 

- (void)ftpRequest:(SCRFTPRequest *)request didChangeStatus:(SCRFTPRequestStatus)status {

    switch (status) { 
    case SCRFTPRequestStatusOpenNetworkConnection: 
        NSLog(@"Opened connection."); 
    case SCRFTPRequestStatusReadingFromStream: 
        NSLog(@"Reading from stream..."); 
    case SCRFTPRequestStatusWritingToStream: 
        NSLog(@"Writing to stream..."); 
    case SCRFTPRequestStatusClosedNetworkConnection: 
        NSLog(@"Closed connection."); 
    case SCRFTPRequestStatusError: 
        NSLog(@"Error occurred."); 

Cancel the operation this way

[ftpRequest cancelRequest];

Create directory

To create a directory you will need practically the same infrastructure except for the initialization code may look like this:

SCRFTPRequest *ftpRequest = [[SCRFTPRequest alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""] 

ftpRequest.username = @"testuser";
ftpRequest.password = @"testuser";

ftpRequest.delegate = self;

[ftpRequest startRequest];