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AppFriends Core

AppFriendsCore SDK is used to make direct API calls to AppFriends server. For advance AppFriends users who wish to build UI from scratch, You only need to install this SDK into your project to start. It conveniently handles client authentication, request construction and callbacks. At the same time, it leaves the UI implementation completely up to the developer.



To integrate AppFriends iOS SDK to your Xcode iOS project, add this line in your Podfile

pod 'AppFriendsCore'

Also, add use_frameworks! to the file. eg.

platform :ios, "8.0"


This is the first step to complete to start using AppFriends. After logging into your admin panel, and created your application, you can find your App ID and App Secret. Then use them in the initialization.

Initialize AppFriends in Application Delegate didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method.


let appFriendsCore = HCSDKCore.sharedInstance
appFriendsCore.initialize(key: "U9x5pl32dZ7u87Nr75Wx0wtt", secret: "CSegECsEOz0E7PrR2SJ78wtt") { (success, error) in
        if !success {
            // handle error here



HCSDKCore.sharedInstance is a singleton to provide easy access.


Constants can be accessed from HCSDKConstants


To login the user, you can use:

public func loginWithUserInfo(params: [String: AnyObject]?, completion: ((response: AnyObject?, error: NSError?) -> ())? = nil)

The first time user login, a new user will be created on AppFriends. At login, you should provide the user ID, and a user name for this user. Example:

                HCSDKConstants.kUserID: "random ID here",
                HCSDKConstants.kUserName: "User Name"
            { (response, error) in
                if let err = error {
                	// handle error

You can check if a user has logged in or not by calling


Making Requests

You can make direct API request to AppFriends by calling startRequest method on the singleton. For example, if you want to fetch the profile info of a user, you can do so by:

let appFriendsCore = HCSDKCore.sharedInstance
appFriendsCore.startRequest(httpMethod: "GET", path: "/users/\(userID)", parameters: nil) { (response, error) in

Sending Message

Advanced Usage

Besides chat and social, you can take advantage of the core of AppFriends, which is content pushing, to implement some interesting Applications.