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Welcome to Hacks/Hackers Africa. This collaborative wiki is meant to give you some basic guidelines for setting up and running your own local chapter of Hacks/Hackers.

This is not a public website. It is only accessible to chapter ExCos and organisers. The wiki offers guidelines on how to recruit members, how to structure your chapter, and how to qualify for a seed grant and monthly subsidies from Code for Africa to run your chapter.

This wiki will grow as the African Hacks/Hackers community expands. We welcome suggestions for streamlining or improving procedures, and will respond immediately to requests for guidance on issues that have not yet been covered by the wiki.

Hacks/Hackers Africa Chapters

Abuja (in Nigeria) | Addis Ababa (in Ethiopia) | Cape Town (in South Africa) | Casablanca, Morocco | Dakar (in Senegal) | Dar Es Salaam (in Tanzania) | Freetown (in Sierra Leone) | Johannesburg (in South Africa) | Kampala (in Uganda) | Lagos (in Nigeria) | Lusaka (in Zambia) | Nairobi (in Kenya) | Yaounde (in Cameroon)

Checklist for setting up a new chapter

Please go through the Hacks/Hackers Organiser's Guide.

  1. Have you learned what Hacks/Hackers Africa is?
  2. Have you read the Hacks/Hackers Charter and the communication strategy guide?
  3. Have you elected an executive committee of at least four people?
  4. Do you have a local chapter champion?
  5. Have you contacted one of the regional Hacks/Hackers Africa community coordinators?
  6. Have you worked with Hacks/Hackers Africa to create a Google Group mailing list for the chapter?
  7. Have you selected/promoted a Twitter hashtag using the HH Africa format / template ie #HHNBO for HH Nairobi, #HHLOS for HH Lagos?
  8. Have you read the Hacks/Hackers Africa membership guidelines to learn how to create a good community around your chapter?

Once you have completed all the steps, consult the Hacks/Hackers sponsorship guidelines to find out how you can apply for seed funding to help support your new chapter.

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